When i was kid, almost 16, i was used to surf internet and IrcNet being very passionate about hacking, internet security and programming. I was totally fascinated by this world. I was crazy about it. That power to fetch and link info of any kind and learn things that i couldn’t have learned otherwise.

So i was trying to build my identity online, nickname, and i really wanted to choose a name that could have identified myself and my values for ever.

At that time my motto was:
The only way to grow up is to always think to be 0. Nobody.
So that you will be always aiming to improve yourself. No matter what, no matter what level on society you have reached.

While people who think to be 1, important and egocentric, are the ones that most often stop improving, stop looking outside of their windows and stop being curious about the external world, getting in fact flat and most of the times ending up on losing the interest on their life; becoming bored, depressed.

So it was practically a reversed binary translation of the willingness to improve yourself.

I love the power of the Net and being Ziro i want to make the difference improving the life of everybody around me.

I was only 16. Now 12 years later my motto is still the same and i have learned that ethics, drive and passions are the most important values of our existence.

Life is a fantastic journey, don’t waste your time going on the wrong direction.

PS: Perhaps you might ask, Why not Netzero? If you google it, you will find out why :)

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