Startup CTO @ DiManEx

August 2016 – Today
Amsterdam – Netherlands

Do you know what Additive Manufacturing (AM), high quality 3D printing, will bring about the next decades?

Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing) will challenge many traditional supply chain constraints and open up new opportunities.
At DiManEx we digitize the industrial supply chain, and make AM an integral part of that process.
We make it possible to print “Any (industrial) part, Anywhere” in the world.
We strive to constantly disrupt that supply chain, and provide the best user experience and customer service.

The market we aim to serve is big (imagine the sheer amount of parts in machines).
As we are on the verge of changing this market, we can actually make a big difference: we can shape this market for the next decades!

By what we do, we bridge two worlds coming together: the old (traditional supply chain and ditto manufacturing) and the new (a digitized, optimized supply chain that has AM as integrated part of it).

Head of Technology @ CustomerGauge – helping corporations improving their customer success

November 2011 – August 2016
Amsterdam – Netherlands

I am leading the engineering team with the target to grow our platform on features, quality, security and scalability. I am developing the core platform, and leading the software & server infrastructure design, while supporting the scale of a very complex B2B customer success tool.

CustomerGauge is a Customer Success SaaS tool that helps organizations improving their Customer Success with the aim to increase retention revenues. It combines customer satisfaction data, more specifically NPS, and CRM data to plot reports able to give a real time monitoring on the account status. CustomerGauge partners with international brands like: Philips, Electrolux, Ziggo, Aegon, HRBlock, NIB Australia, BMW, Canon, Kuoni, Tommy Hilfiger, Bavaria, Melitta, and more.

Since I joined CustomerGauge, I have been a key part of the management team, helping the company to expand from 6 to 30+ employees, serving from 100k to 10m+ transactions per month, and growing from a 500k to 3m revenue, which lead to the following achievements:

  • 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in NL (241% revenue growth).
  • 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 in Europe (241% revenue growth).
  • December 2015 – Series-A funding of $2.5m led by Newion Investments.

Main achievements:

  • Team expansion from 1 to 8 engineers
  • Developed and designed the software architecture of the core nodes
  • Built an auto-scaled infrastructure distributed on micro-services, fully based on AWS
  • Built integration with major CRM tools like SalesForce
  • Established an Information Security Plan
  • Built a logging platform based on ElasticSearch and Kibana
  • Built software automation having the target to secure and improve the email campaign sending, increasing the mailing reputation up to 98%
  • Changed drastically the operational and development methodology with our growth by maximizing efficiency, whilst maintaining an excellent customer support level.
  • Implemented Agile Scrum methodologies; Redmine and JIRA as tasks management; ZenDesk and FreshDesk as public client support system

The CustomerGauge infrastructure fully resides on top of AWS.

  • 3 main clusters; Europe, America, Australia.
  • 80+ Instances, distributed on auto-scaled nodes.
  • Main applications based on stateless Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL stack.
  • Main RESTFul API node based on Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL stack.
  • Back-end nodes, data processor and mail processors based on Python, NodeJS.

Network Administrator @ Moncada Energy Group – leaders on renewable energy

February 2011 – November 2011
Agrigento – Italy

At MEG i was responsible for the corporate website management, administration of the network based on Active Directory.

Moncada Energy Group is one of the main private Italian producers of renewable energy.

HQ in Italy, offices in USA, South Africa, Bulgaria and Malaysia Moncada is aiming to become one of the principal European industrial groups.

Network Administrator @ Empedocle SCPA ( C.M.C. Group ) – leaders on mega infrastructures constructions

June 2008 – September 2010
Agrigento – Italy

Responsible for the administration of the local networks based on Active Directory.

200+ workstations and a server cluster on-premise.

Empedocle SCPA is a CMC affiliate company (One of the four Italian biggest corporations operating on mega constructions).

Empedocle is still now busy on the construction of the highway Caltanissetta-Agrigento in Sicily.

Founder @ Netziro – helping businesses improving their digital strategies and IT infrastructures

January 2009
Agrigento – Italy
  • I founded Netziro to provide 360’ IT consultancy, working under projects of different nature
  • Consult and support LAN wiring projects, websites development, CRM and workflow, and software engineering under LAMP stacks.
  • I have been working with many of the biggest companies in Sicily, providing strong development support, and helping them scale with innovative IT solutions

CTO @ John S.R.L. – helping businesses improving their digital strategies and IT infrastructures

2002 – 2008
Agrigento – Italy

John was a family owned company operating in Sicily for more than 25 years.
It was offering a 360’ IT consultancy, serving on a big number of projects for governative agencies and Public Administration courts.

We have been working wth the private sector providing management software written in Microsoft Visual Basic, switching later to SaaS under LAMP stacks.

I have been maturing a very wide business and client support experience being on the first level support for more than 4 years, and raising IT knowledge across different areas.

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